Uchi Sushi

Have the best Japanese culinary experience at Uchi Sushi.  We offer you delicious plates and an excellent service.  


A modern, simple and convenient way to order your favourite food.

Uchi Sushi

Uchi Sushi

Uchi Sushi with exclusive recipes and an expert team that transforms the most delicious ingredients into authentic masterpieces of gastronomy to provide only the finest meals every time you choose our restaurant.
Order online and enjoy our delivery service or come to our restaurant and explore our sushi and sashimi menu, be amazed too by our combo sushi, seafood,  fried rice, noodles and more.

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Quality score

  • Roger Vignales

    Roger Vignales Roger Vignales

    -Excellent sushi and service (even home-delivery). I have NEVER been let down by the quality of the sushi.-
  • Pascale Cardin

    Pascale Cardin Pascale Cardin

    -I regularly order from here, the food is consistently great, especially considering that they have some of the best prices in town. Absolutely without a doubt would recommend to friends and family.-
  • Em

    Em Em

    -My experience at Uchi was so positive that I had to leave my first-ever Google review. I am not from the area and was pleasantly surprised to find high-quality, great-tasting sushi outside the Japanese enclaves near my hometown. I was extremely impressed by how the food at Uchi rivaled the quality and flavor of my neighbor's, who is a highly trained sushi chef from Japan. The prices at Uchi are extremely reasonable and customer service is great, even for pick-up orders. Also, the selection here is great with a lot of variety! I ordered different rolls as well as sashimi (salmon, tuna, yellowtail, mackerel) and everything exceeded my expectations. The sushi rolls were a good size, the fish-to-rice ratios were perfect (Uchi does not skimp out at all), the fish was extremely fresh with generous portions, and the way the food was presented in the containers was excellent (most other sushi restaurants do not pay this much attention to detail so props to the chef). My only issue with Uchi is that I would have to travel for hours to eat here again!-
  • Cornelia S.

    Cornelia S. Cornelia S.

    -This place was recommended to us by a friend. We ordered takeaway with a selection of spicy tuna rice paper, dynamite avocado, Philadelphia spicy salmon and spicy tuna. Everything was super fresh and tasty. Staff was very friendly and helpful with suggestions. Definitely will be back for more!-
  • America Gonzalez

    America Gonzalez America Gonzalez

    -Great food. Very easy to order online. Friendly staff and quick service. They do delivery but I chose to pick up my order.-
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